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The North 6'0

£ 1,315.00

Diamonds - Engagement rings became popular in 1947 when De Beers, who mined diamonds in South Africa, launched a slogan, “A diamond is forever.” Becoming an international symbol of commitment and a local symbol of wealth.

North Beach is a classic spot in the middle of Durban’s Golden Mile. It’s a popular, every day surf spot that delivers a wide variety of different waves depending on what Mother Ocean is serving on any particular day, from fun 2 foot peelers, to 3 foot cobra head peaks, to 8 foot top-to-bottom cyclone bombs! The Mami Wata North is a quiver killer of a surfboard. A classic all-rounder that rides well in almost any ocean conditions ranging from 2 to 6 foot plus.

The North is a full volume board with a nice flat rocker, double concave through the fin area that works well with a single fin or box and trailer set-up, creating easy drive and instant speed. Each Mami Wata surfboard is handcrafted by master shaper Hugh Thompson in Jeffreys Bay.

Ordering & Shipping

Upon confirmation of order we’ll be in contact to get your information and requirements before Hugh shapes your board. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your board before you order, please email us at surfboards@mamiwatasurf.com

Boards will take 8-10 weeks from the date you order to the day it arrives. Shipping and board crate included.