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Mami Type Beach Short

£ 80.00

Our “Mami Type” beach shorts feature our name in the three dimensional Stars and Stripes font.

Made with a cotton-rich fabric and a touch of spandex to give it stretch, these shorts are great for all-day, every-day, and for getting to and hanging out on the beach. The stretch also means they have the flexibility for surfing, running and other activities.

The range has an elasticated waist and a classic mid-length cut. They also have a handy key fob in the back pocket.

NOTE! These shorts are made from a natural material and will fade. If you go for a swim in a chlorinated pool, please rinse the shorts after and don't leave them to dry in the sun. The chlorine will make them fade faster and unless that’s your look (faded, not jaded) you may well be disappointed. And then we’ll be disappointed, because you’re disappointed, and we could get into a cycle of despair that’ll be hard for us all to get out of.