When we launched Mami Wata in 2017 we had a stand at the Biscuit Mill market in Woodstock, Cape Town. Opposite ours, was a rack stacked with great looking handcrafted skateboards - Alpha Longboards. The stand was manned by Kent Lingeveldt, the founder of Alpha Longboards, he came over, said hi and asked us what we were up to. He correctly sensed that we were new to the game and supported us by lending us his advice and experience.
We’ve been friends ever since. 
Kent was born and raised on the streets of Cape Town’s Cape Flats.  He’s passionate about what Cape Town and skate culture has to offer the world. 
We’re stoked to have a new collection of collab boards each individually hand-shaped by Kent. He’s been skating for 28 years and shaping boards for 21 years. He knows his stuff, skates like a dream and his boards are for those who know a good thing when they ride it...

All our Mami Wata x Alpha boards are hand-pressed and hand-crafted in Cape Town. The boards are made with  Malaysian Meranti and an underlayer of fiberglassing with a graphic layer and 2 layers of 6-ounce fiberglass matting. Our boards are ideal for daily cruising, daily commuting and classic recreational sidewalk longboarding.